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JBS Funeral Plan

Please note:  All JBS funeral plans can be prepaid.

The JBS Graveside/Chape/Synagogue Plan

This is a complete Jewish funeral package, with chapel or synagogue service.

Included are the following:

  • Transfer of the deceased to funeral home
  • Services of a licensed funeral director
  • Use of any of the chapels affiliated with Chicago Jewish Funerals, Ltd., or your synagogue, for the funeral service.
  • Tahara -- ritual washing, purifying, and dressing the body, performed by the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Sacred Society), a volunteer religious-service group. Members also recite prayers asking G-d to grant the deceased eternal rest.
  • Choice of a one-time fee or an annual solicitation of the family.
  • Tachrichim -- white, pocketless, hand-sewn, pure linen burial shrouds
  • Kosher, wood casket
  • Transportation of deceased to the cemetery
  • Yohrzeit announcements and shiva candle
  • Memorial register book
  • Siddurim (prayer books) & kippot
  • Standard acknowledgment cards

Prepayment is available for the JBS chapel/synagogue plan.


How much does this cost?

If you select a cloth-covered wood framed casket, the cost for a JBS funeral held at the Chicago Jewish Funerals chapel or at the synagogue of your choice, is $3,725. If you'd prefer a stained, hardwood casket, the funeral fee is $4,150. Both caskets are acceptable by Jewish law.

In addition, there is a $500 contribution to the Jewish Burial Society.

These prices are several hundred dollars below the prevailing rates for a chapel service.

The Jewish Burial Society Funeral Plan covers the funeral costs only. It does not include cemetery costs -- the burial plot, grave opening, and an outer-burial container. The cost of a grave opening and installation of an outer burial container ranges from $2,200 to $3,000 depending on the cemetery. The outer-burial container costs $695.


Are there any other costs?

No. There are no other costs.

There are optional fees that you may select:

  • Newspaper death notices.
  • A shomer to stay with the body and recite Psalms until burial.
  • A limousine, if desired, is about $550.
  • Cemetery costs are higher for Sunday or holiday funerals.
  • An honorarium to the officiating rabbi.
  • A donation to the Chevra Kadisha is customary.
  • Certified copies of the death certificate.
  • Transportation of deceased to Israel or a burial site outside the Chicago area.

Jewish Burial Society

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